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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 8, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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was uncovered by the cia. we will let you know what's happening at the golden gate. the fog is rolling in. >>darya: we have a developing story of our folly on concord. 80 year-old is -- a two year old was taken to hospital after being mauled by the fed cripple your. the child is in the hospital in stable condition. >>will: this is where the home is. five minutes ago we went to the door but there was an elderly woman that look out the other window. we saw a young man drive out
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of the driver. concord police department is not investigating this case. instead it is up to animal control. if they should find out that they had been out here before because of the pit wall, of criminal charges will be pressed by animal control. there are signs to out on long that says be where a dog, as security dog, did the dog was taken away from the scene. the dog was euthanize. hopefully an investigator will tell us whether is yes or no if there was any prior history.
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the reason why that is important is because to years ago there was a similar case by a man that had hit balls and his two year old granddaughter was mauled to death. -- pat bowls -- spitballs-- pit bulls the man should have none that the pit bulls were dangerous and that they believe that the man was in a consent and that's why he was charged with the crime. the man was crying and said that he it was treating his
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pit bulls like children and with tears in his eyes the man said and that's how they pay me back by killing my grandchild. at this point it's up to the investigators and a small animal control to determine whether there was other incidents at with these dogs at this home. >>james: were looking at mt. tam. regency the fall -- we can see the fall. -- we can see the fall. there is coastal fog. this afternoon is mild at
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the coast and hot and land. here is a look at the temperatures. you can see the fog starting to form in the north bay. and you can see the the lower temperatures. >>george: it is starting to get a little heavier around the bay area. there are no hot spots around the bay area in irian and most of the freeways we are beginning to see traffic pick up your in irian -- purine >>justine: a soldier died in afghanistan.
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the 30 year-old sax star of sgt -- 30 year-old staff sergeant died after being hit by enemy fire. >>mark: the fbi was able to capture another under where a bomb. the fbi has the ball now is examining it. >> the united states engages in a number of operations to go after al- qaida. and amid of militant allies. he would try to attack the united states in irian this country needs to remain
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vigilant in seek those who would attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep this country safe. >>mark: this man is believed to be an al-qaida operative here in the u.s. counterterrorism official said the device for the underwear, or on christmas as someone to the one that was used in this is -- was about to be used in this attack irian the fbi caught this threat early in before it threaten anybody. >>darya: record to jackie sizzle in pleasanton who is
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waiting to see if he can talk to any neighbors. >>jackie: there are more questions than answers on stacey court. at 6:00 last night pleasanton police were called at the 3500 block of stacy court with the report of two victims shot in the home. was a 37 year-old woman and her 13 year-old daughter. the 37 year-old woman was pronounced dead in the 13 year-old daughter was taken to hospital. we do not know whether to consider this a homicide or a murder-suicide. the father made the call
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from inside the house. he is not a suspect. but they are calling him a person of interest. pleasanton police department was hoping to get some information on this soon. there a lot of questions are out here with no answers. >>darya: is this not a crime scene anymore? appeared >>jackie: we don't think there's anyone inside especially since there's you to a shooting victims that were in their earlier. we will wait for more reformation. >>mark: the dow jones is down now. it is below the 13,000 mark.
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the lost over 400 points and just this month. it's related to the ongoing concerns about what's going on increased -- in greece. we are seen as simpy -- piercing the as impede and nasdaq s &p of down right now. >>darya: he can see the fog here with the golden gate bridge irian will be back in a minute.
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4 morning news >>mark: are key and i on the sunshine and san francisco. conceive it down the coast of mount tam the there's lots of fog. more still expecting some hot weather. >>darya: sheriff's officials are saying that they are calling this a car of and dressed him in is aimedvw jetta. the car is
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in many with a blacktop. it is an out in 1990. the evidence came to light based on evidence of people in the area appeared. >> these this crossing cluster her mom's house and close to where we saw the items that were related to this case. >>darya: there is no idea of who was in neckar or how the car was related at all. >>mark: here is from matt
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weather. we do have some fog on the golden gate bridge. let's take a look at temperatures. we have mostly fifties. the exception is to the north and that would be the upper 40's where we are seen the concentration of fog. don't worry that will burn off. we will see a nice temperatures this afternoon. the cooler conditions from yesterday will be along the coast line because of the fault. but there'll be warmer conditions everywhere else around the bay. some of that 80 degree weather from yes today will be replaced with 90 to 3 weather today.
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we will let in more detail when we come back. in general will be cooler on the coast and inland will be eighties and nineties in spots. here's a 7 day around the bay. by wednesday and thursday and friday we will be in the mid '80s. analyst dry all way through the weekend. is dry all way through the weekend. >>george: there are no hot spots. there is a back up at the bay bridge. but it looks like a meteor in new-line a.
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and a centimeter light. let's take a look at the map. you can see that the commute is getting heavy on 101 near highway 37. your drive time coming out of marin is still locked in and out of 31 minutes. this out bay freeway is, and it looks like there is a hot spot in the making for the the lower commute on the bay shore freeway. looking at the commute from the east bay. the ride still looks good through the san ramon valley. that is heavier traffic on the westbound ride on interstate 580. >>justine: the author of
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where the wild things are has died. he passed away in a hospital conn. it was complications from in a recent stroke. he was 83 years old. >>mark: says there's a move that would save $900,000. the constant police presence on campus keeps the kids say says the teachers and parents. >>darya: kron 4 reggie kumar went to a special meeting.
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>>jackie: they're discussing entity. -- a major key. measure d. this is relationship to this oscillator fire department. -- this is a relationship to the sausalito fire department. >>darya: somebody as a resident if they could hughes the fall. the acid they could use at home. two men came in and rob them. then they took off. >>mark: police say the
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driver picked up these two suspects in java in to antioch. one man pulled out a gun and forced the taxicab driver into his trunk. they drove around and then let the man out. they are still searching for the two men that insulted the taxicab driver. >>darya: here's a look at san francisco with a shot of city hall. san francisco with a shot of city hall. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other,
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because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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>> inonu government-funded study they said that one- third of americans are obese. >>mark: officials are meeting in washington day talking about america's weight problem. they're talking about 60 minutes exercise daily in serving better food. parts says that all stations " o bent early on the day of the bay to breakers race.
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shootists and proper attire required to write on part. -- she's and proper attire required on part. >>darya: it is 7:26 a.m.. let's take a look outside. we have sunshine all around its emphasis the. -- we have sunshine all- around in san francisco. hmm i'm a native californian.
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>> nowher >>darya: it's at 20 7:00 a.m. carrion and -- in its 7:27 a.m.. here the clouds or fog is
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from the mouth can can can. mt. tam cam. >>james: this is what is keeping the coast cooler at this point. it will also keep a cooler into the afternoon. here are the temperatures around the bay parents the fog is the golden gate bridge and north in irian today's forecast will be the tale of two forecasts. the coastal community will be cooler because of the fog. inland will be warmer and '80s and '90s. >>george: we're looking into potential hotspot in 101.
7:30 am
it is just north of highway 85. we know that there is southbound construction going on there. it is just north of 85 up toward highway 280. we will zoom in just a minute and see if we can pick up some speeds. speeds of a dropping into the 20s. it is a slower ride then you will be used to. there is no exit planation for it at this point. explanation. >>mark: this story is out of concord. aid to your old child is in the hospital after being bitten by the family pit bull. >>will: em that shot -- the
7:31 am
child should be ok. she is in stable condition. the house is right behind me. it is a beige color house. we saw an elderly woman there and a million young man leave the house but they would not speak to us. we have not heard back from animal control. the concord police department is not handling this case. and among the control will be the deciding department to this investigate this. if there was another incident regarding this dog then the owners will be
7:32 am
cited curium there was a case when a few years ago a man was charged with second- degree murder after his dogs kill his granddaughter. if investigators decide that they have been out here before and warned the family. in the family did not think then they will decide whether are not they're gonna charge the family. we did hear that the pit bull was put to sleep. there were signs on several sides of the house. since be where a dog-guard dog-and
7:33 am
>> we do not know if there's any more dogs in the house. >>erica: we're getting a lot of discussion on our face but page pin on our facebook page pin there a lot of mixed comments coming in this morning. >>mark: the police are looking for a suspect you grabbed and groped a lawman who was walking in livermore this weekend.
7:34 am
the man shook his hand pulled her close and grabbed her. the woman got away. the woman was on at talking trail. people should be very careful about when they're on the jogging trail. >>darya: one of yacht his top investors may -- one of yacht ne top investors there's some questions about the academic credentials of an official at yahoo. will be back in a minute. mw
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>>mark: and won't santorum is endorsing mit romney. they said that santorum was fully able to determine where romney stood on several issues. sam torrance endorsement -- centaurus endorsement will help from any solidify the right. >>darya: n.c. law already bans gay marriage in irian
7:39 am
this is the final day before this vote. supporters of this amendment about no one can get married except for a man and woman in irian and >>mark: kron 4 reporter gave what tallis was keeping the earthquake system from becoming a reality. >>gabe: we do know the earthquake will happen in any sector. how great will be have a protection system in place so that we had time to get under it a sturdy table about citing grab your kids. the technology exists people the people that created it exists. the problem is money.
7:40 am
some of the countries that use is at 28 seconds to take cover karen state and federal budget constraints are slowing progress. it is slowing the development of this system from becoming a reality. this program will cost between 80 and hundred and $50 million to monitor and the state of california. in mid -- the mexican system was system was created in 1985.
7:41 am
there's a pattern and building in the system after a major earthquake. hopefully california will not repeat that pattern in the bill this system before the earthquake. >> if you like to miss things along tell your officials to proceed with this concept. drive >> >>darya: yes it was gorgeous. here is a live look the san francisco. we will be back in a minute.
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>> there is lots of sunshine out there >>james: the fog is still in the north bay keeping things cooler. otherwise we are looking at a warm day. piercing temperatures mainly at the fifties. haber 54 half moon bay 48 walnut creek 54.
7:45 am
you get the idea, fifties. here is a wide view of the temperatures. you can see the lighter blue dominating the north bay. those temperatures are in the upper 40's and is where we are seen the concentration of the law. here the temperatures for the afternoon. in the east bay, if you close to to the water though the cooler for you. but in the ballets and will be near the 90 degree mark. some of the cisco will be about 72 degrees. -- seven to spell will be-- san francisco will be 72. and the rest of the area
7:46 am
will be in the upper seventies lowercase. it will be cooler on wednesday and thursday and friday and no rain in the forecast. >>george: there are some unusual delays but not related to any incidents. heading into concord out of antioch is not uncommon to see slow traffic. in this spot here through the will pass it is unusual to see slow drive time. we're tracking this ride at of the coyote valley and the south bay highway 101 pin this is a slow ride than it should take.
7:47 am
the center just updated and it looks like things might be in prove it improving right now. let's take a look at the bay bridge ride west down. things a back up to the edge of the macarther maze. the 880 approach is a lot better ride to the bridge about 12 to 8-14 minutes. in the bay -- the golden gate bridge is covered with fall but still moving nicely. the heady and -- the heaviest traffic is getting into nevada. >>darya: this time to talk to gary.
7:48 am
sorry about the giants getting clobbered by the dodgers. >>gary: the game was pretty close. use some magic and guber who is part owner, last night is the first night they officially alone the teen. all the paperwork when threw it in the officially on the team that >>darya: a to are the giants in any way? i do not know any of these guys. >>gary: and nobody cares yahoo this guy is reason nobody.
7:49 am
you is brian wilson, ideas and a ball dry >> i see his use of the cubs. it is not who he is is how he goes. that is not the intent, i took kids cough medicine. >>gary: he is fighting for his career now. you get caught once in a at everybody makes mistakes but he gets caught twice, it's
7:50 am
different. and when they are counting on him this year and then he's gone for most this season it makes it tough. there are really counting on him. >>darya: understand is that the game's first and a hundred games all second. and as the one of the pictures chai's to hit a batter in he gets a five game suspension is that fair? >>gary: until somebody gets hit in the head and does not get up it will still be part of the game. yet it can get even and he's still, not was that.
7:51 am
>>darya: harbor the book the desk he is one if three guys that are moving up. are you captivated by hockey at all? the l.a. kings and what they're able to do. >>gary: the keys of interesting the kings are interesting. phoenix-the general manager of the sharks is talking to your group to buy the
7:52 am
coyotes. when it comes the hockey i am the sharks' fans. >>darya: when you look at the eastern conference, the capitals and raiders game. the whole thing was crazy with overtime and the power play. >>gary: they feel intimidated. -- i feel intimidated because the purpose of this is for you to say i did know that and you need seen to know at all. >>darya: i am a lesson type of person. i'm taking lessons and i'm learning. >>gary: i need to talk to kron ids need somebody to go
7:53 am
on, and let me talk. we will always be friends. >>darya: ok gary will see later.
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>>erica: held a back -- welcome back to the kron 4 news. as the senior 7 to yield driver risk per the death per mile increases 40 percent with one passenger younker. this is relationship to 16- 17 year old driver is. >>mark: this mcmanus that
7:57 am
out of the vehicle onto the highway in was hit, ron -- own high in the air. this man only suffered a broken leg in the incident. this man walked into the middle of a three lane road after making an emergency stop. nevada is this first state to approve a driver's license for a driver was car. a driver list at car. driverless car.
7:58 am
this car uses a laser range finder finder and sensors to track traffic. this car and driver 200,000 mi. by this computer system. >>darya: i'm not sure i'm pulling to want to be riding in that car would win the system goes out for a second. back in a minute.
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>> and >>mark: a young girl was airlifted to the hospital after she was bit by the family pet will in east bay. in another plot similar to the underwear bomber was uncovered.
8:01 am
we are seeing fog with the golden gate bridge here >>george: we're tracking an unusual delay this morning there was a new accident reported at leverage. the drive time is about 41 minutes on high way for to interstate 680. that is a loan hot spot. >>james: here is lots of fog on the golden gate bridge. it is just at the bridge in some parts of the north bay.
8:02 am
you can see a lot of loose sky looking at st. francisco. the weather today is going to be mixed. the it right now the temperatures are solidly in the '50s. this afternoon it will be hot again in land. this evening in a beam partly cloudy with the fog returning. >>darya: 80 2:00 a.m.. -- 8 02 a.m.. the story is when a two year-old child was attacked by the family spitball --
8:03 am
family pits zero. pit bull animal control is handling this investigational >>will: piquancy the house that there -- you can see that house back there in this pace with the white car. the child was airlifted from the scene. here is a video that we got from the scene when investigators arrived. we do not know if there was previous history with his pit bull. hopefully we will hear back from one of the lead investigators. if they had been out here before then there will be charges.
8:04 am
this is key because two years ago there was a similar case where a man's granddaughter was mauled to death by the family spitballs here are some neighbors. >> did you hear the dog bark? yes are you afraid of the ball >> are you afraid of the dog? >> in ps >> heavy seen the dog walking around? >> at know.
8:05 am
note. no. i should listen in. a couple minutes from now from animal control. stay tuned. >>mark: and a soldier from alan mean and died of the weekend. a soldier called thomas fogarty was hit by enemy fire and died. >>darya: here is one of our solo reporters on the scene about a shooting in pleasanton this morning. >>jackie: there are more
8:06 am
questions and answers right now. there the 500 block of states in court. about 6:00 last night pleasanton police received a call from inside the home that two people were shot. when they arrived they discovered the body of the 37 year old who was pronounced dead a the seen in a 13 yacht daughter that was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. there are no details. if call the police department many times but have no information. about five to 10 minutes ago a pleasanton police department: in and then pulled out. i can tell you that the person that made that call was the husband, the father
8:07 am
of the victims here in he is not in custody. he is a person of interest but is not a suspect at this time. >>darya: thanks a lot jackie. testing. >>justine: the players average -- in full-year is advertised more in march and march. this suggesting that job growth could pick up in may. 12.7 million people were unemployed in march.
8:08 am
>>mark: not a plot to bomb a plane was broken out by fbi and agencies. it was like the kind of rare,. this bomb did not contain metal. they briefly spoke about the plot. >> united states and gauges and in number of activities to go after alcott -- al-qaida and other people that attend to attack the united states. we remain vigilant in going after people that try to attack his company. when the make sure that our citizens are safe.
8:09 am
>>mark: a u.s. counterterrorism official said that is similar to the one that was slated to be used by the underwear bomber thanks to the tip a cot the threat early. >>mark: let's check on wall street. the dow jones was trading about down 90 points this morning. the down market is blamed on the greece elections.
8:10 am
the dow is off overt 400 points this month
8:11 am
8:12 am
and morning is a 12:00 a.m.. >>darya: investigators are showing this car as a car of interest it is a mid-90s vw jetta with red paint
8:13 am
with a black roof. it's significant of the red claro has only come dessert as with interviews from the neighbors. this car was seen close to her mom's house when she disappeared and close to where the items of interest were found >> they have no idea who is in the car. if you know anything out you think might help in this case please contact them. we will be back any minute.
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>>mark: welcome back for keeping our eye on wall street. the dow was down 194. that's the key -- s &p and nasdaq are both down. we have seen stocks >> the author of where the
8:17 am
wild things are died of the weekend. in 9 teen 76 -- he was 83 years old and recipient of many awards. >>george: there is a hot spot. it's usually slow 3 antioch. it's over here where we find the biggest problem. that is leading through the will of passing coming out of his work.
8:18 am
-- eat out of pittsburgh. it is a 41 minute drive. your ride to the bay bridge -18-20 minutes and is backed up right before the macarther maze. the nimitz is up much better choice to the approaching the bridge. that is traffic is getting into not thought of not getting out of novato. >>james: you can't not even make out the towers at the golden gate bridge.
8:19 am
we have it turned direction the desk turned the other direction toward the bridge. and here is the other side any conceived blue skies. there's plenty of sunshine showing up around the bay area. right now we were in the high fifties. by noon time we should see widespread low 80s with coastal conditions cooler. and if we go to of about four in the afternoon you will see a significant amount of red which means they are getting up to the '90s. this is slightly warmer from
8:20 am
by coupled to agrees. if you live by the cause you will find it slightly cooler than yesterday. if your around the coast europe and the upper 60s in if your in the media pay your in the '70s and land you are in the high 80s lower 90s. >>justine: a south dakota the company is planning to close. this revolves around a product that people called. so i'm. teen slime-- pink slime there's been a lot of the
8:21 am
controversy over this credit. >>darya: oakland firefighters or on the site of this commercial building that went up in claims this morning. the fire would have caused a traffic jam when it was for 38 am. -- for 30 a.m.. 4:30 am this >>mark: there is some discussion about pulling the officers off the beat at the schools in irian. teachers and parents are not happy about this there's been no decision about what
8:22 am
would happen to the resource officers. >>darya: in sausalito there is a special meeting to look at a majord reggie. many the people are concerned about property taxes. >>mark: the dow jones industrial average is down 175 points. the doubt ends up to over 400 points so far this month.
8:23 am
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>>darya: and and a 25 a m in it is a beautiful day around the bay. -- a 25 a m *:8:25 am
8:26 am
>>mark: we are giving away big screen tv to watch the data gray race -- the bay to breakers race. salmon go to our >> go to our facebook page and like kron 4 on our facebook page then you click on the icon for the bay to breakers. you'll also find pictures from last year. with like your pictures from this year. their instructions on how to place your pay -- pictures on arcades herein do not miss this san
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francisco tradition. this sunday morning may 20th at kron 4. >>darya: this will be a very nice tuesday. i know it does not look as sparkly clear but it will be very nice this afternoon. back in a minute.
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8:29 am
>>darya: appeared taking a look at the city hall in san francisco. >>george: we have a major hot spot in the north bay on highway 37. even though is that accident in the east bound direction and is slowing down the westbound direction.
8:30 am
just moments ago the was found roadway was completely shut down in traffic was diverted north on 121. they be opened aline's in the westbound direction. this now is report of stop and go conditions. both east bound lanes of the block but that is the non commute direction. it is likely that they have opened the east bound lanes as well. they landed to medivaced helicopters here. major delays coming out of the layout on highway 37 in the commute direction.
8:31 am
your other option would be to come over the richmond san rafael bridge. >>james: a quick snapshot of this afternoon. mix of '60s and '70s for the coast. and as you had out any correction it is going to be warm. as we look ahead it will be a warm tomorrow. an extended outlook looks springlike. we will have our forecast in a moment >>mark: at a two year old child in a hospital in concord after being mauled by the family dog. >>will: i can tell you that
8:32 am
the child is at children's hospital listed in stable condition at this id be written on the head in the leg several times. we did get a chance to talk to a neighbor's this morning. they said they never see this kid all running around the neighborhood here in. apparently the owners took care of the stocking cap them away from other people. when you get close to the house you see signs and say be where of dog, a guard dog,--the dog was euthanize late last night. the police department said that they are not handling this case but they are going
8:33 am
to let the animal control handle this. if an animal control has been done here before then they will recommend to the prosecutors to press charges against the owners. we know this because a couple of years ago and a grandfather of dog killed his granddaughter in a dog attack. the grandfather was charge. i have animal control on the phone and i will be talking to them and just a minute. >>erica: at last check there were over 120 comments on our facebook >> page over the reaction of this dog is you.
8:34 am
here they are. there a lot of comments coming in this morning. if you'd like to leave a comment just visit our kron 4 facebook page. >>mark: a man grabbing growth the woman while walking on a bike path and livermore. police said that the suspect started the conversation then sure hand and pulled her close in grantor. she managed to get away and call the police. police say that he was a jock in the area and pears. >>darya: in the east bay and
8:35 am
mother and her 13 year-old daughter were found shot to death in their home. let's go live to pleasanton with jackie sizzle. >>jackie: no one is really talking darya. the people that have of their heads out of the house are not really talking. we are not sure exactly what happened down here. what we do know is about 6:00 last night the pleasanton police department received a call about a shooting. they found a mother dead this seen in the 13 year-old daughter was transferred to the medical center and and was pronounced dead. other than that there is and
8:36 am
not a lot of information in irian they are saying that the person that made the call was the has been and is not a suspect in irian they do say he is a personal interest. we do not want to jump in the inclusion -- conclusions. you're hoping sooner or later they will call us back. >>darya: we do know that the husband did call 911. we know any of affirmation? >>jackie: you really have no more information. >>mark: we went down close
8:37 am
to a hundred in early trading on the dow at. this drop in the market really is to the new government or lack of government being greece. greece will continue with the big cut and will still receive money from the europeans. the dallas down 400 points so far this month. >> this man is an executive of yahoo and said that he had a bachelor's degree. his name is tom cent and is this the east of yahoo. his name is tom sent.. thompson
8:38 am
>>darya: the roman pairs of holy cross in san accrues was founded in 1799 jim 1791 and was attacked by vandals. windows are broken and pain -- paint was sprayed everywhere. >>justine: here is that tanning mom.
8:39 am
the new doll on the market. >>darya: let's take a look at the james lick incidents as though. it looks like a nice ride.
8:40 am
8:41 am
mark >> welcome back. >>george: we are tracking a
8:42 am
major hot spot. is on highway 37. the westbound lanes are at a halt to. even though it happened on the right -- east bound lanes. joining is on the kron for news line is taught. taught >> todd - i am still sitting on 37 is not moving. i've been sitting here for about 30 minutes. nothing is moving at all. >>george: now that things open your likely to see some movement. the drive time is now over one hour.
8:43 am
the rest of it should be fairly easy after you get to 121 pass like bill. land -- lanes are only recently opened. we will take a break in the kron 4 morning news.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> we have new developments from kron 4 will tran. this is then -- when that ball mall the two year-old girl. >>will: i just got off the bone from the deputy director.
8:47 am
just got off the phone from the deputy director of animal control. the six year old spitball was taken from the house and euthanize. it when the check to see if the dog had rabies. the child was bitten on the head in the legs multiple times in irian the deputy director of animal control said that there are no charges as of right now. the girl is at children's hospital this morning licit and stable condition. i asked about a man two years ago where a man spitballs attacked in his
8:48 am
granddaughter. i asked if there any similarities between these two cases? animal control said nell, other than the breed of the dog. animal control said no other than the breed of dog. they could say the dog looks fine but this child was so badly that they needed to find out whether not the child has rabies because of his dog so they can act quickly.
8:49 am
they destroyed the dog earlier this morning in tissue should be rest will lab to determine if there were rabies. >>darya: thanks will. there's also another developing story with a mother and daughter that were found dead in their house. will talked to jackie sizzle about that later. >>mark: giants pitcher was put under suspension for 100 games due to the second for positive drug test. moto was expended for the
8:50 am
first 50 games for the new york mets and now for the next hundred games. george >> we are still tracking hot spot here on highway the seven. at the accident happened on the east bound which is not the commute lanes. but there is one pile -- one for hour delay. things are likely to be messed up for a while. we'll be talking too taut -- kron 4 toddd who is in in
8:51 am
the back up pinheaded the take a quick look with the golden gate bridge. and in see that is a little heavier now. it's likely that we will be seeing heavier traffic along presidio parkway heading to the doyle drive bypass. change >> >>james: this shot shows how wonderfully faulty it is. -- this is how could that fall is. -- fog. here is a camera looking in the other direction and you can see blue signs.
8:52 am
with a blue skies out there we're starting to see temperatures climb. right now there some in the '50s and even slightly warmer. were starting to warm up this '60s for the east bay. in antioch is already at the 70 degree mark. 62 for sunnyvale. the warming trend has begun in by noon time it will continue. let's look at noon. that's lookit future cats for. as we as the clock can see the potential for 90 degree weather. if your along the coast, it is cooler today than yesterday because of all the fog.
8:53 am
that is what we're seeing is far is temperatures. let's take a look at the neighborhood around the bay. up to the east and the shoreline to of the the lower 80s. in the peninsula and if you were downtown san francisco you will be about 72. across the north bay where mostly eighties. santa rosa and napa you will see a about 88 degrees. here's a 7 day around the bay. we see warmer, mild, dry weather as far as we can see. >>mark: of
8:54 am
>>mark: google has been working on this self driving, of driverless cars. there are radio senses and lasers to attract the distance around the vehicle there are maps to predict the road ahead. this sense that it is 200,000 mi. of computer driving. >>darya: what i always think of is if there is an interruption in the computer what happens? . >>mark: they got a driver's
8:55 am
license in nevada and they thought that it was easier to get a license in that state then california. >>darya: we will be back in a minute.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
welcome back to the kron for news. >>george: we are tracking a major north bay hotspot. after eight east bound accident on highway 37. we are seen traffic was finally beginning to move. it is stopping go from the mare island bridge. you have an update live from the scene when the kron 4 morning news continues.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>>mark: stock banks pursuing is on tuesday may 8th and young girl in the east lay was mauled by her family's pet will. there is a bombing of was sidetracked by >>george: not use the year tracking major problems on highway 37. there east bound accident on highway 37 and to medivac helicopters came in irian --. we have taught the todd
9:02 am
and we agree to check his progress. >> i only moved about a quarter of a mile and a half an hour. we are mostly sitting. >>george: if a 2 q 30 minutes -- if it took a cue 30 minutes to move one- quarter mile then the drive time should be more then 60 minutes.
9:03 am
may be closer to 90 minutes. this still could be a busy visuals hazard keeping the traffic backed up. there are only two lanes so slightly to take a long time to clear out. piquancy -- you can see that a quicker bridge check is nicely cleared out now at the bay bridge in irian its about 12 to 14 minute drive time. and the golden gate bridge there are no delays or no problems. or like this season backups on the presidio parkway heading down to the doyle drive irian year and
9:04 am
>>erica: and you can take a look at the golden gate bridge shot ran there's still fog. will be mild and around the coast line. though the hotter weather in lynn with the possible nineties. here are the numbers outside the door did not are 50 in oakland and yak is 73 degrees. that is exactly where the 90 degree weather will be. will have more coming up. >>darya: your falling this story out of concord a two year old tired was mauled by the family dog. as the 400 block of rose lane. we will train and is on the seem.
9:05 am
>>will: i just of the funds the animal control. j.r. stone routinely case -- they are still working the case the child is in oakland children's hospital and the child should recover from injuries. the director did not know what this six year old dog -- or what caused the six year old dog to attach the two year-old girl cleared. there are many signs about the home saying that the doll owner does have a dog inside.
9:06 am
that could go a long way on what turned out there and castigation will come to charges. here is the neighbors' reaction to the pit wall. did you hear the dog bark? >> yes-i am afraid of a couple >>will: so you never saw the dog but you were afraid of the pit bull. she >> yes >> >>will: after the euthanize the dog they had to take tissue from his brain to be tested to see if he had rabies. because of this severe
9:07 am
extent of the child's injuries they are rushing gray geese test. if she does have rabies they want to have treatment and is the it administered quickly. the it are not exactly sure what the charges might be. even the deputy director is not sure what the charges would be. >>darya: we think about other people's family is getting hurt by artaud but we don't think about our own family care and in irian. >>will: lead are still puzzled by what causes the couple to attack the to
9:08 am
year-old here. >>mark: the dow is down 150. there's a lot of uncertainty on whether greece will continue with the cuts. the dow is off close to 500 points since the beginning of this month. in march there was the highest number of job openings in nearly four years. 3.7 million jobs or advertise. it's suggesting the job growth could pick up this month. they're still more than 12.7 million people unemployed in
9:09 am
the u.s.. >>darya: on we will be back in a couple of minutes. there is a way to the bay bridge approach. will be back with george on a hot spot. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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9:12 am
it -- spoke again withtodd. he said it was an accurate drive time 78 minutes to get through this. the usually takes 15 to 20 minutes at this time in the morning. you'll have more on the kron 4 morning news when this returns.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. we are watching for a big drop on that wall street. the problems increaser causing the markets to fall. -- problems increase. greece. ready to month lows in the stock market. it's summertime and its negative headlines and we will move lower. >> to you think we're gonna get back to a larger swings
9:16 am
in the market? >> were proving jobs market and earnings of been outstanding. nobody in the financial word things greece will survive. >> what about france and spain? >> is a big economies. they need be able to fix the problems. greece did not have a healthy credit issues
9:17 am
greece is barring money in the 20% france and spain are part are a money and the single digits. >>mark: the about -- the dow was down to 12,00854. >>george: the highway 37 is a big back up. there is an eye -- there was an accident east bound and that many flights had to come and pick up to people.
9:18 am
one of the kron 4 employees is-is stuck in his back up. he has managed only move a mile and a last 50 minutes. -- this 70 minute back up is probably accurate. you might be able to select another path to reach a destination. we have seen a bit of their rebound on the bay bridge.
9:19 am
it's a bit more back up but not bad. the golden gate bridge ride is not that it all. let's check the weather. >>erica: and looks like the fox is sticking to the coastline us this morning we're tracking the microclimates. receipt of the four degrees for downtown san and cisco 63 cassandras say upper 50s oakland concord 65 san carlos 61 livermore 63.
9:20 am
inland areas it will be mostly eighties by 12:00. the coast will still be cooler. and by 4:00 p.m. you will see a be a significant amount of nineties. it will take a look at the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. and now on view they could reach 83 degrees. san jose 89. antioch reaching 92. livermore 90. 7 cisco 72.
9:21 am
the afternoon sunshine. but tamara things are starting to cool off. >>justine: federal drug regulators are showing that a popular h i t patel and is on the market will help people of filet of the debts of belated hiv. they're suggesting that this daily pill will be the first broad approval to prevent hiv and at risk patients. this is a developing story
9:22 am
it we will keep you updated. >>darya: it is 9:21 a.m.. or looking at at this car of interest but not this car exactly at this make a model in is a red vw jetta with a black roof. cerus s.a. is significant of the car came to light after talking to the neighbors. >> this car has been seen in the general area where see arad disappeared. it was near her mom's house and near the areas in which the evidence was found in irian >>darya: there is no idea
9:23 am
who is in the car but they're calling on the public help. >>mark: in 1996 plaza it president clinton awarded him a medal. this is the author of where the wild things are. he died at 96. in connecticut. >> this commercial fire started about 430 this morning. the fire could have caused a big traffic jam had it happen later in the morning in. investigators are still trying to determine how this fire was started. there were no injuries.
9:24 am
>>darya: we will be back in just a few minutes. this is what they make posters and pictures of. you can just seen the tip of the golden gate critics through the fog.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>>darya: vandal's strike the historic holy cross church. this was a possible hate crime. leave this means they rocks the window. the holy -- this is their rome and paris of the holy cross. it's been around since 1791. they also went on to the
9:28 am
roof and spray-painted on the roof. >>mark: you may be sharing the road with a computer controlled vehicle. we will tell you about where the temperatures will be when we come back. the stocks are down hundred and 63. is down 500 points in the month of may. we will be back in a few minutes.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news ran >>george: hi 37 is a hot spot. highway 37 is the back up and the mare island bridge. todd has helped his track
9:31 am
this because bay he has been in the jam. >> it took 56 minutes and new-line it like you. >>george: you made it all away to was the road. >> once the traffic started moving it was as smooth ride. >>george: at that was 56 minutes. that has been a major issue this morning. if you look at the bay bridge at ride, it's a little worse than it was 45
9:32 am
minutes ago. u.s. still only looking at a 12 to 14 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge has been problem free however marin county may get a little heavier. expect some sluggish conditions between the tunnel and presidio parkway down toward the new doyle drive why pass through >>mark: the dow jones industrial average was down. now redound 170. greece is the big concern paid they could see fall on their debts.
9:33 am
the dow has lost close to a 500 points in the month of may. >>darya: the yahoo ceo scott thompson has thompson had listed a bachelor's degree there is a look into how thompson was hired. there's some discussion that his information is it accurate. >>mark: this happened at 4300 block it rose lane where a two year-old child was some mod by its family dog.
9:34 am
>>will: the to year-old should survivor injuries despite being bitten on the head and her leg. the dog was euthanize a few hours ago to determine whether he had rabies. in that way they would know how to treat this child living for. and debbie the -- the deputy of they animal control said that they have never been out or have any records it there and out to this house about this pit bull in the past. that -- that it will was kept inside the house. it did seem like the family
9:35 am
took steps to keep the dog under control. animal control has no idea what happened. as far as the rabies tests, it could happen within a day or so. in this case because the child was a ball and severe injuries -- in baldwin severe injuries we want to know about the rabies as quickly as possible. after they get the rabies report animal control or wrap up their investigation and passed on to processes prosecutors deceives what they may choose to do. a few years ago there was a family where a grand daughter was killed by two
9:36 am
pit bulls. that dog owner had been told to take care of his dogs before but this dog >> control never had contact with. >>mark: and livermore police looking for a suspect to grab and mauled a woman who was walking on the bike path. he introduced himself, shorthand, and pulled her close the rafter. she got away and call police. police suggest that people jog in paris. -- a jog in paris-- pairs just teen -- >>erica: can see the ball
9:37 am
around the coastline. you can see the clock on the coast line. you can see that fogg on the coastline. let's take a look outside the door. as in them mid-60s to 50 right now. >>darya: last night a mother and daughter were found shot to get in pleasanton irian.
9:38 am
the neighbors have very little to say in the police and not have much to say we're >>jackie: there is not much information when happened in the 3500 block of states the court gets to day care last night the police we received a call that the words do shooting victims inside. lima at him was 37 year-old and a 13 year-old daughter was taken to hospital and pronounced dead there will. police cannot stated whether they are treating this as a homicide or a suicide. the highs and called in the
9:39 am
last call this into the police. he is not a suspect. he is a person and in.. we have not heard anything new from the pleasanton police department. >>darya: so you're not noticing any investigators to anybody in the neighborhood? >>jackie: i saw one patrol car on a and and make a loop around the cul-de-sac and then drive off. i wish we had more details but the pleasanton police department is a very tight to the vest with this one here >>justine: we have new information about the guy who ceo scandal.
9:40 am
reports saying that heart would not stand for reelection for the board of yahoo spokes person declined to comment.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>darya: we are focusing on a weather because it will be another gorgeous day around area. here is a shot from mt. tam cam. we are looking for a quick halt clearing out. there will be another record tuesday. we will be right back.
9:44 am
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9:47 am
on the oregon purine -- underwear on. the bomb did not include any metal and cleared of gone through screening. >> united states engages in a number of operations that go after alcott and -- al- qaida and their terrorist allies to attack the united states. united states has to continue to remain vigilant against those to attack our country. we will do everything necessary to keep our country safe. >>mark: officials say that the bomb is similar to the bomb used by al-qaida. it is believed that this is
9:48 am
the picture of the person who made the underwear off christmas on the flight from detroit. the officials say it was discovered around the one- year anniversary of us, bin laden is killing. no one was put at risk >>darya: a local man was killed in afghanistan-30 year-old thomas fogarty. he is killed by enemy fire. a man was shot in oakland last night and was transported to the hospital
9:49 am
a police are best thing you find that home invasion/robbery. two women went to the backyard of bauhaus and acid a user phone. two men burst into the house and brought them. winking k died and april 6th t the diet of an accidental overdose. >>george: there was east bound crash on highway 37 is. it was and now all closed
9:50 am
claire. the life flight helicopter helicopters had a lot of land and that is why the west and was shot the west down was set down. there's still if you sluggish shot. the marin ride is completely cleared up. the bay bridge cleared out early this morning. with the golden gate bridge ride when it's been easy all morning long. you may encounter some delay between the presidio park way in the doyle drive by pastor.
9:51 am
>>erica: we're still seeing a lot of fog and the golden gate bridge. there's still fog the round the coastal locations. if you travel inland you will see a things start to heat up in the bay area. san francisco's 54 right now san jose 63 oakland 59, car concord 65 san carlos 61 pin here is you to cast for. he can take a look in was going to look like it noon with mostly '70s the round the area with cooler the coastline. and by 3:00 p.m. ulysses' that the coast is still cool but there is a large portion in the '90s.
9:52 am
you will see plenty of sunshine. here's a in an east bay spot pleasanton may be the warmest spot on the map and 93 degrees. anticipate under -- the upper seventies in irian we will take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecasts. you are going to have a string of sunshine with the temperatures in the '80s. >>justine: after a teacher in new york and who is suffering multiple injuries
9:53 am
is recovering after being run over by car. you can see the car plowed into that teenager at setting him flying. you can see where it the men were veering onto that sidewalk hitting that teenager. police did arrest the 19 year-old driver. >>mark: we will be right back we're looking at the golden gate bridge.
9:54 am
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>>darya: today for dr. bill
9:58 am
-- and not part of the see you later. another episode of dr. bill coming up next. -- dr. phil
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